India to US flight booking service:

From India to USA or vice versa, we have all packages ready for your satisfaction. From flight tickets to hotel reservations, we have a variety of supplements that you require in any step to make your trip exciting.

Reasonable price:

Although it seems a long journey of more than 8000 miles, and you must be imagining how costly it would be to travel there but travelling with Fare N Flights may cost you very little. We have very in-budget ticket prices that would do no harm to your expenditure.

Fare N Flights have the most affordable airfares that are in reach of every individual. Not only this, but we also provide packages at their least value that are easily purchasable.

Pleasant environment:

We at Fare N Flights understand the value of your trip and hence we strive to give the best amenities to fulfil your dream of having good vacations come true. Either you are on a business trip that requires high tactics or a calm soothing family time, we have packages which include peaceful places for a business discussion or a tranquil beach site for you to ease yourself at. From eye catching sites to the best restaurants of the town, we give you a very pleasant yet ataraxic environment to make travel a passion for you.

Good management:

We excel in managing things single-handedly with great proficiency in order to achieve gratification of our valuable customers. We have the best professional troupe of highly qualified and extremely trained management who are determined to simplify queries of clients. Such hardworking panel of professionals are making our relationship with our clients super strong and beneficial.

Either working in nuisance or hassle-free surroundings, our team and management provides you with the finest guidance each time you visit us.

Well-furnished hotels:

While travelling with Fare N Flights, you do not have to worry about other bookings and reservations. This is what we can take care of, for you. With providing single rooms to a vast range of big and small suites, we surpass in bringing forth you the most eminent 3- or 4-star hotels in very economical digits of currency.

We know how difficult it is to find a suitable, properly equipped hotel for spending few days in a far unknown country, and we care about your time and hardly earned money, therefore, we are making it easier for our customers with to dig into the best budget friendly hotels available in our lists.

5-star hotels:

With your extending range of budget, we also offer five-star hotels at your service for elite reservations. From rooms to suites, our choice of five-star hotels is the finest in the town with the promise of contentment and exposure to surreal and dreamlike reminiscence.

Where the packages of other travel agencies may not include such amenities, Fare N Flights tend to execute and deliver such hotel deals which include three times food and very cooperative 24 hours room service staff at your doorstep. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are native to the area. Most of the packages include brunch and hi-teas as well.

24 hours customer help:

We are proficient at rendering our finest leading customer care representatives to help you sort out your queries at the utmost hour without any delays and lack of responsibility towards any issue that might hurdle you during your most valuable time by yourself.

We have maintained quality by having 24/7 customer care service available for our local and international, new, and old clients. Our team, which is accessible via a series of lineage that we give to our customers, is par in simplifying uncertainties with all feasible solutions.

WhatsApp group:

In this fast moving digitally revolutionised world where every individual is having a smartphone, we also opted to make something different and unique Hence, we came up with the idea of creating a WhatsApp group that is still intact with highly effective and responsive messaging service. This feature is helping us to deal with customers very productively and managing to get in touch with our customers and assist them whole heartedly yet successfully.

Good guidance:

We endeavour to give excellent guidance with light conversations. These talks can vary from flight schedules to the weather forecast for the upcoming days of the desired destinations or so. All these questions are answered to within few minutes with great expertise. Fare N Flights have the best over all tour and travel guidance for every person wishing to go on an adventurous trip or an educational one, a summer break for oneself or a perfect vacation for a whole family. We have plans for all!

Quality service:

We ought to endow quality without any impediment. We strongly believe that quality is everything and it is quality that makes an image positive or negative, ergo the services offered by Fare N Flights are packed with quality assurance.


Although the company is young, but its roots are mighty. Each and every person working with us is highly technical having the sufficient understanding of the tactics and uniqueness of the work of travelling and tourism. We respect your wishes and demands; therefore, we think it our supreme responsibility to have taken care of all your needs.


Our agents are responsible and helpful. They are present at handy, either on a call, message, or face to face discussion. They are always willing to guide you whenever you are in need. Also, we have our representatives steadily ready for your convenience. They are devoted to their works and are always enthusiastic with an exposure towards great zeal and zest.

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